Tony Rivas

In spite of a classic course (studies of architecture, interior design and history of art) and a long practice worldwide, Tony Rivas knew how to preserve an insatiable curiosity. Since 1976, he offers an always modest glance innovative on a profession that he started in independent.

Heir to a crossed culture, his Andalusian genes bring him to like the hispano-mauresque luxurious art, everything in arabesques, which testify of an incomparable artistic wealth.

In the art of Zellige, Tadelakt, the work of the wrought iron constitutes his surrounds himself with talented interpreters, mosaïstes, fresco painters, engravers and sculptors on glass to create the atmosphere which will carry the imprint of his talent.

As he likes saying it, Tony Rivas is an emotional. He expects from every professional contact a symbiosis, a constructive and human exchange in the requirement to reach the pleasure of the other one.

Any poetry arises from a seed, at first dark which it is necessary to make brilliant so that it produces fruits of light (R. Daumale).

It is exactly this touch of poetry so personal that contributed little by little, in the current fame of Tony Rivas.

Tony Rivas
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