History of the agency

In homage to his Spanish roots, Tony Rivas opens in 1983 la « Taller de Arquitectura » in the heart of a picturesque district of the 9th borough of Paris, called « Nouvelle Athène » because of its numerous facades of style « néo classic ». From its origins, the man preserved the imprint of a crossed culture.

The art of the Iberic peninsula, which is unique knew how to grow rich in the course of the centuries of multiple Eastern and Western influences. Also the passion of Tony Rivas for its profession feed of insatiable one curiosity for the art in its most diverse expressions, what grants on his know-how a rare personality.

His agency, as such, looks like him: small case hidden from the glance of the unwelcome visitors who display for his hosts a relational and poetic game between spaces, light, materials and colors…

Histoire de l'agence
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